Every July, all Year 10 students complete a week’s work experience.

The range of experiences offered as part o this year’s student placements was hugely varied as well as inspiring for the students concerned. Several students took up placements in Manchester; one working with a company on coding, another writing news items for social media, and another with an engineering company, to mention a few. Placements in other areas were equally valuable, allowing students to gain experience working in retail, the hospitality industry and in finance.

Many Wilmslow companies and businesses were extremely supportive and offered placements to our students; opportunities were taken up with all of our local law firms, the National Trust, hairdressers and barbers, schools and nurseries. Feedback from businesses was very positive with students being complimented as “excellent ambassadors for their school”.

Can you offer a work experience placement to our students? We can provide you with support on how to help young people experience the world of work in your workplace. Here are just some of the things that students benefit from when they take part:

• The chance to learn skills from an adult role model
• A greater understanding of the world of work
• Increased motivation and an understanding of the relevance of education
• A sense of achievement and satisfaction

Your organisation can benefit too. Employing work experience students can help you:

• Access new recruitment channels and potential future employees
• To increase employee management and supervision skills
• Gain new perspectives and ideas

Our next Work Experience Week will be taking place from 8th July 2019. Contact KStephens@wilmslowhigh.cheshire.sch.uk to find out how your organisation can get involved.